Thursday, April 28, 2011

omagad... it's almost Friday.

My subject lines are always about the day and how close it is to the week-end.

Breakfast (10 a.m): Apple muffin from Starbucks. Someone brought it in to work and I had it.

Lunch (12:30 p.m): Salad. Arugula, goat cheese, green pepper, chicken, tomato in balsamic dressing. I'm obsessed with this right now ok?

Ok so I just looked back this week and I've had my goat cheese salad every day this week. The beauty of these blogs I guess, I see my habits and try to change them. Sooooo I need to try something new now. It's been 4 days in a row with it. Tonight.. ummmm... I have the almond butter which I just want to eat out of the jar. Let's be honest. Hmm. We'll see.

3:30 p.m: Banana, 3 multi grain tortilla chips.

Exercise (6 p.m.): 45 minute boot camp.

Dinner (8:15 p.m.): Pizza... sorta. Whole grain tortilla, tomato sauce, marble cheese, onion, mushroom, corn, chicken strips. I also had some almond better with tortilla chips. I feel guilty about the almond butter.
10:30 p.m: Sooo I'd like to thank Gwyneth Paltrow's appearance on the Ellen Degeneres show for introducing me to this and now I love it. Basically, you drizzle olive oil and salt over kale and bake for like 10 minutes. DELISH! Another serving of veggies :)


Ok, edit to the kale. I ate like maybe a third of that. I put too much olive oil and salt and it's too strong to have too much. I'm only enjoying the few pieces with very little on it. Now I know for next time.


  1. easy there DJ Tanner, don't go fainting on the treadmill now!!!

  2. ps almond butter is good fat, as long as you don't spoon it in your mouth every day you're good :)

  3. the kale is crispier if you bake for 15 min, toss and bake for another 15. @ 350º