Monday, May 30, 2011

Suddenly Monday

Exercise (7:30 a.m): 1 hour personal training. Note to self: EAT BEFORE WORKING OUT! ... but I didn't cause I had my weigh-in/measurements. Wanted to be as light as possible haha

9 a.m: Oatmeal with water and banana.

12:30 p.m: Salad. Arugula, goat cheese, potato, red pepper in balsamic dressing.

I'm hungry already. Gonna need a snack.

I really like my nails today so I am posting a photo just cause. I don't think I'll have any food pics today so hey, you get something.
3:30 p.m: I cheated. The gang went out for ice cream. I had an Oreo ice cream sandwich and it was delicious. 

6:30 p.m:  Little bit of tabouleh from the take out counter at the grocery store.

7:30 p.m: Chickpea salad I made, see below. Chickpeas, garlic, red pepper, artichoke, corn and olive oil. 
9:00 p.m: Bunch of kale toasted in olive oil and salt.

Ok, no more food tonight. Getting pretty hungry these days! I need more ideas. Time to scour the internet for ideas.

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