Sunday, June 19, 2011


11 a.m: Tried a new cereal this time. Includes protein which is good. Rice milk as per usual.

I ended up going to a picnic thrown by the Armenian church. Ugh. I'm soo out of place at these things but it makes my parent's happy so whatever. You gotta show face every once in a while. I ate delish foods.

2:00 p.m: My plate is fulllll. I didn't finish it all. There was potato salad, tabouli, sarma, hummus and a cheese puff thing. All middle-eastern foods. I don't feel like explaining it. Also had desert. Not shown in the photo is the corn on the cob I also eventually ate and a piece of baklava.
Bunch of Armenian's in a park! There was more, I got a snippet.
Exercise (6:30 p.m): Did another 5k run. Woohoo! Took about the same time as yesterday. About 35 mins. Next time I'm gonna use an actual timer so I can time to the second. I've just been using the time on my iphone.

Tonight is the Muchmusic Awards. I've been watching this now, hmm let me count, 14 years. Wow. The first time I watched Bush was performing. Good memories. Although it's all teenagers and pop shit now, I still watch. Maybe cause it's so close. It's not like the MTV awards where it's alllll the way in L.A. It's here, in Toronto, on a street I walk on every week. Except it gets transformed and familiar faces are around. Like I just read this guy I went to college with is going to be on the red carpet as the host for MTV Canada. Good for him! Also, my brother is going to some after party he got into that'll likely be full of famous people. Oh Toronto, I actually kinda like you.
Half an hour to red carpet! 

8:00 p.m: Tabouli and carrots.
I'll have this for lunch tomorrow too.

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  1. What the, who the, what the??!? I need to get myself to an Armenian picnic! hahahaaa