Monday, July 4, 2011


The best kind of Monday is the kind you have off.

10:30 a.m: Cereal with rice milk. I like this new cereal cause it has 13g of protein per serving. I feel lik I'm startling to lack in the protein department.

12:30 p.m: Finally finished off the last of the potato salad.

What to do today... I think I'm gonna go to the grocery store. Get some shopping in for the week. Definitely have to get a work out in. Maybe it's a good day for another try and running. We'll see. All I know is I have to get off this couch before I take a nap again...

Oh, side note. My neck pain is not fully gone. I'm a bit annoyed. I can function and all but every morning it's there. I bought  anew pillow yesterday, a good one. Hoping that helps a bit.

2:15 p.m: Walked to the grocery store. Maybe a 20 minute walk. Too hot outside. But hey, it was exercise. I had some of the below before doing the shopping. Small container of wheatberry salad, green beans, tabouli and piece of scalloped potato.
Exercise (4:15 p.m): 15 mins treadmill and some arm weight exercises. I miss the gym. I just don't have the motivation to go hardcore like I do at boot camp or with the trainer.    

5:30 p.m: I feel like I've been eating a lot today. Meh. Salad. Arugula, spinach, goat cheese, red pepper, tomato and green onion with balsamic dressing. Had a low fat English muffin with hummus on top as well. 
Exercise (7:00 p.m): Jogged/walked 4.5k. It took me 40 mins this time. Not good. Towards the last big stretch I pulled a muscle and had to walk it off. I probably should've stretched pre start.... duhhhhhh. Ah well, it was still exercise!
Look who was following me. That bastard! I had no $$. Phew!
8:45 p.m: Had a few baby carrotts dipped in hummus. 

I'm done eating now. Nothing good on TV either. As soon as the laundry is done I'm sleeping. Borrrrrred.

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