Sunday, July 3, 2011


Saturday feels much nicer when you know you have Sunday and Monday off. Woohoo!

11:30 a.m: Potato salad. Leftover from yesterday.

Empty hangers ready for new clothes! :)
I cleaned out tons of clothes out of my closet today. Clothes that were either too big, that I never wore or that aren't "me" anymore. Who is "me"? Who am I? Whatever. The clothes I would've picked out even a year ago are not the clothes I'd pick out today. I feel more grown up I guess. I think twice when I see a shirt with colourful polkadots! I want it, but, should a 26 year old be wearing that? No. Not to say that I'm getting rid of the polkadots and leopard print and blah blah but I'm just altering the look. I'm learning that no one takes you seriously if you don't take yourself seriously. No folks, I'm not becoming someone else. I'm still me! But, refined. It's sad that all this happened just because I've lost a bit of weight. If you're skinny, you wouldn't get this. But it's not easy trying to find nice clothes when nice clothes don't fit you. So you go for the loose shirt and jeans when really you want the badass blazer and cute skirt.

4:00 p.m: Fried a shit load of veggies in olive oil and had it with greek yogurt. Odd, I know. Meh, it tasted ok and I got lots of veggies.
5:30 p.m: Protein shake. Rice milk, water, strawberry, flax seed, coconut shavings and strawberry banana protein powder. 

I went to my parent's house so the rest is a blur as I couldn't update very frequently. hmmm. 
Parent's backyard. Free wi-fi. Niiiiice.
 7:00 p.m: Fatoush. Small bowl. Delicious middle eastern salad with crispy pita bread. Yum! Also snacked on some torilla chips, a few almonds, and well, a few scoops of ice cream. Oh! and a banana too at some point.
 Annoyed. I was out and about just doing random stuff and I had planned to come back home to go on the treadmill. My friends called and were all going to a pub. I caved and went. I'm mad at myself for it. Especially cause...

10:00 p.m ish: Sweet potato fries with some mayo.

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