Tuesday, September 6, 2011


5:30 a.m: Bran cereal with flax seed, rice milk.

Exerise (7:00 a.m): So, I thought maybe boot camp started up again today but yea, no. I probably should've calld first. Anyways, I worked out for like 45 mins.

But yes folks, you read it, I joined boot camp again for 3 months. Tues/Thurs @ 7 a.m. Let the depression begin.

My pants feel tighter today. I am not a fan of this.

12:15 p.m: Make your own salad dealy I always do. Followed by a protein bar as my dessert.
7:00 p.m: My parents came over with food. Mmmm. Home made tabouleh and zucchini of some sort. It was gooood.
Small plate! Cake for dessert. :)

Oh. P.S. It's my birthday tomorrow. I'm 27. Yeehaa. I was expecting nothing. I never celebrate my b-day. I think I'm over it. I don't like attention and I can't go having a day that's all about me. It makes me uncomfortable. If anyone else wants to celebrate me, be my guest. I'm just not gonna be the one to do it.
So, yea, my parents got me a TV. Uhm, awesome. It's for my bedroom though. I randomly was telling them that I keep falling asleep on the couch and that I want a small TV in my room. They actually were listening to me I guess! I feel bad though. They got a good TV, not a cheapo one like I would've. It's my room - I don't care about quality. Ah well. I shouldn't complain! I think a trip to IKEA is in order for a cool little shelf to put this one. It's going up on the wall baby!
Happy Birthday to me I guess!

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