Monday, June 4, 2012


This morning I was summoned to jury duty.
I got out of it though cause F, busy at work. But it's been rescheduled until end of November. Ain't no way I can get away with taking this whole week off. Anyway, it was boring for the four hours I was there.

7:30 a.m: Protein shake. Coconut milk, frozen berries, protein powder.

9:30 a.m: Few baby carrots.

11:30 a.m:  I was near Karine's. My Fave ever place to eat and I wish it was closer. So anytime I am nearby I take advantage. See below. DELICIOUS! Tastes just like mama's fatoush.
1:45 p.m: Grapes

Have had exactly 6 Hersheys almond kisses today throughout the afternoon. They are at the reception desk. It's deadly when they're there! They're little bits of heaven with every bite.

Exercise (6:15 p.m): Started a new boot camp today. OMG. I was dripping with sweat, but it was good. Very 'every woman for yourself'. You get a set of things to do in the hour and you do them all as many times as you can over and over. Most people get through it twice. Man, killer. I went up 12 flights of stairs, twice. Died. Anyway, good stuff. Too many women for my liking (lots of squaking, hah) I like small groups but i'll live. Tues-Fri of this for the week. Then Mon/Wed from then on. June here I come!

7:45 p.m: Protein drink

8:45 p.m: Salad. Arugula, almonds, tomato, red pepper, goat cheese, green onion, lemon juice, olive oil, salt. Delicious. Was needed. Nothing feels better than a good meal after a good workout.

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