Monday, June 11, 2012


Let the games begin. Another busy week ahead at work. Will not stress!


Last week I really must have been stressed because combined with my crazy working out, I got my lady curse a week early. A week! New for me. Google says that happens. Anyway, that's why I haven't worked out in two days. Back at it tonight!

9:00 a.m: Grapes

1:00 p.m: Veggie curry with brown rice. Lentil soup. All organic from the hippie vegan place.

I had like tons of Hershey's almond kisses all afternoon. Time for gym.

I switched my gym class to 7:30. Working out better for me. Late nights at work and I feel like I'm getting shit done after 5.

Exercise (7:30 p.m): 1 hour boot camp. Another sweaty mess of a work out. Good stuff. Loving it.

9:00 p.m: Protein drink. 30g per servings suckers.

11:00 p.m: 2 hard boiled eggs

True Blood time... Yea!!

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