Thursday, July 11, 2013


I've been working out consistently for well over two years now. There's no doubt about it, I've changed both physically and mentally. There is one thing though that I feel has not changed at all. I still appear weak.

Where is this coming from? I tell ya.

Last night's boot camp was a challenge to get a huge list of stuff done in one hour. They were standard exercises. Stuff like kettle bell swings, MMA push ups, frog leaps, burpees, dead lifts, chest press.. a whole bunch. You had to do 30 of each. It's all good and fine but why do I always come out last? ALWAYS. There's no way I can ever get these done in an hour. Few people do get it done, which is fair. It's always the extra fit girls. I'm not saying I fail miserably, I get through about 80% of it. Why am I always so F-ing slow? There's girls that I see that seem like they're new to this and they fly through it.

Here is my thought.

I use heavy weights. I don't skimp out and go for 5 pounders. I will start with 10 on each hand at all times. I also always make sure I am using proper form. The exercise means nothing if you're doing it wrong.  Because of this, I am slow.

So you know what? No, I'm not weak. F you other girls. The point is I'm doing what I can. At the end of each class, I come out drenched in sweat. That's more than I can say for the other lululemon clad "Let's go for a Starbucks after this" girls. Hmph!

Sorry, I had to rant about that one.

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